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I'm Louis, the Founder

Hi! I'm Louis, I'm 23 and I am the founder of Clear For Men. I wanted to create a quality skincare brand that cares, gives back and reminds men that it's important to prioritise their well-being.
 I had suffered from anxiety for the first time (that I know of) during the Coronavirus lockdowns and I was not in a good place mentally.
I started to incorporate new things into my life to help me feel better. I would workout whenever I could, make unbelievable food with my brother and focused more on what was bringing me joy. I would listen to what my mind and body needed.
I even started to enjoy my morning and evening skincare routine more as it allowed me to pause, switch off and focus on myself in the moment.
It had made me realise that self-care is really important for my well-being. Just stopping to take five minutes and breathe.
I started to think of a way in which men could switch off from their daily grind (whatever this may be) and practice self-care. And then it hit me, my own skincare brand! A brand that ACTUALLY cares. That aims to encourage men to speak more openly about how they feel and achieve great skin in the process.
And so, after countless hours of research, long drives to my manufacturers and months of testing to perfect my cleanser, Clear For Men was born.
I would not be here without the help of so many people pushing me and picking me up when I felt discouraged. I thank each and every one of you for helping me make this dream possible.