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Article: What Happened at Clear For Men in October?

What Happened at Clear For Men in October?

Clear For Men went to TikTok HQ!

What a moment this was. My small business that I started working on in 2021 went to TikTok HQ for the first time and it was such a surreal moment.

I went to TikTok HQ to learn more about TikTok Shop, the new features of TikTok and how it could help grow my business and the experience did not disappoint one bit. Check out the video below to see my journey from South Wales to TikTok HQ in London!




Clear For Men was featured on the radio! 📻

With World Mental Health Day being on the 10th October, I was invited by Gorgeous Radio to talk more about my journey with mental health and why I started Clear For Men - to encourage men to Take Five for their well-being. It made me realise just how far I've come with Clear For Men and I thank you all so much for your support - this would not be possible without you!

Clear For Men are going live consistently on TikTok - have you seen us?

When I first decided to start going live on TikTok at the end of September, it was a very scary thought. Fast forward to today, and I’m going live on TikTok most days of the week for 2 hours at a time and towards the end of the month I’ve been dressed as a Pumpkin! (see below for proof)

It’s amazing to see the growth both in myself and in Clear For Men as going live has helped me interact with my community in real-time and answer any queries that they may have.

Have you seen Clear For Men live yet? 🎥


@weareclear_ Not my finest moment live I have to say 🤣🤣 #TikTokLive #Live #SmallBusiness #EntrepreneurTok ♬ Halloween Trap - Composer Squad

 Clear For Men featured on a podcast for the first time! 🎙️

Another huge moment for Clear For Men as we feature on a podcast for the first time! I was invited by Jack Walton to feature as a guest on his podcast, Own Your Own Journey.

On this podcast, we discuss my journey with mental health and why it led me to start Clear For Men and build the Take Five community. You can listen to the podcast below on Spotify.

What. A. Month. There is so much going on behind the scenes at Clear For Men in these last few months of 2023, so stay tuned and I'll be back next month. But for now, don't forget to Take Five!

Louis Watkins

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